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Aimed at bringing in Italy the top quality and innovative knowledge coming from Science and Technology of Interactivity, LEVEL UP - School Days intends to foster the development a digital culture with a three days marathon of:

  • talk
  • workshop
  • panel
  • lectures
  • students’ career points
  • VR and simulators area
  • a game jam dedicated to students: “Student for future”

LEVEL UP - School Days is a school oriented edition of the LEVEL UP - Rome Developer Conference, the international game developer conference established in 2018 in Rome, Italy, which gathers + 50 top professionals game developers coming from 3 continents and 15 countries each year on the hottest trending topics about digital creation.


  • A completely free event
  • Available both onsite (only after a previous registration to respect the security and health guidelines set by the Government and the WHO related to Coronavirus-Covid-19) and online



60 minutes lecture (45 minutes talk + 15 minutes for Q&A) held by international top speakers.
Topics covered are highly diversified and can include (a) challenges of a specific area and how to face them, (b) analysis of the career evolution in the digital era.
Audience: general public.


60 minutes (45 minutes talk + 15 minutes for Q&A) held by experts in the game field.
Topics covered include Game Design, Programming, 3D Art, Production & Team Management, Business & Marketing.


2 hours workshop, highly focused on practice.
main objectives of the workshop is acquiring knowledge and experience on innovative tech apps (for example, VR), on new techniques, or pursuing an established technique used in video game development and creation: 3D Art, Game Design, Programming.


Video games can be an educational and scientific tool and AIV gives its personal interpretation of this assumption with the VR lab, where students can live a VR experience planned and guided by AIV.

GAME JAM “Students for Future”

A three-days game jam open to all students coming from High School, where participants will gather in small groups/teams and live the experience of game development, starting from a theme announced at the jam opening.
Game jam main aim is promoting and adding value to digital competences acquired by students during the educational training developed by AIV in Italian high schools, with a focus on hard skill (for example, knowledge and use of IT programs, English language, narrative adaptation of a cultural/historical event in a video game) and soft skill (for example, flexibility and adaptability, problem solving, motivation and goal - oriented activities, creativity and pro activity, time management, team work).
Students will be helped by tutors coming from AIV - Accademia Italiana Videogiochi.
Game jam output will include game prototypes, that will be shared and released with Creative Commons licence and distributed on web and social channels of the event partners and organisers.
In case of a new outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19, game jam will be entirely held online on a dedicated Facebook group and on a dedicated Discord server with different channels.