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The fifth edition of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest

Rome Developer Conference 2021

The Level Up - Rome Developer Conference, which will be held online from 21 September to 23, is pleased to announce that it will host a qualifying round for the prestigious Malmo contest, now in its Fifth Edition in 2021.


Backed by seventeen years of experience in organizing highly successful events in the game industry, such as the annual Nordic Conference, regional funding programs, networking and various developer support initiatives, in 2016 we created the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) an exciting competition in which video game projects are selected which will then be illustrated live in competitions that take place in partner events around the world.

The format is as simple as it is exciting: three teams selected by a jury of industry experts (publishers, journalists, developers, etc.) will compete in a sort of battle with pitches and presentations of their projects.

The team that will have captured the attention of the judges will win the opportunity to compete in the final to be held on the occasion of the Nordic Game 2021.

If you are a developer interested in submitting your project application, don't wait any longer! Registration closes on 9 September.

On our site, in the section specifically dedicated to the contest, you will find the rules and all the information you need to participate.

If, on the other hand, you are simply curious to see what it is, the challenge will be held on September 23, as the closing event of Level Up 2021.

Stay Tuned!