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Level Up Rome Developer Conference 2021

Updates on the Level Up - Rome Developer Conference / Developer Days front continue!

The fifth edition of the international conference is about to start and the program continues to be enriched with names and contents.


We are in fact pleased to announce new names who bill be featured in this edition: Firat Baban, Co-founder and Game Designer at Madcraft Sudios, the Senior Narrative Designer of Housemarque, Eevi Korhonen, Leonardo Calàmati and Michele Caini respectively Principal Concept Artist at Remedy Entertainment and Senior Software Engineer, Diego Ricchiuti, creative director for several studios and author published for CRC Press and developer Christopher Sacchi.

We remind you that to participate in the Conference just register on our website and follow us for all the updates.

Level Up Rome Developer Conference will be hosted entirely online from 21st of September until the 23rd.

Be sure to be there!