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“Students for Future”, school and training of the Future

Third and final day for the first edition of Level Up School Days.

The absolute highlight of the event has been the visit of the Ministry of Education Lucia Azzolina, who also closed the panel about new technologies applied to education and school of the future.


Among the speakers, Rocco Pinneri, General manager, Regional education department (Lazio), Gianluca Vacca, Deputy, Education, Science and Training Commission and former parliamentary member at Mibact, Paolo Lattanzio, Deputy, Culture, Science and Training Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Paola Frassinetti, Deputy, Vice President of Culture, Science and Training Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Claudio Di Berardino, Work, Training, School and Right to University Study Council member, Lazio Region, Elisabetta Scala, Vice President, MOIGE, Daniele Grassucci, Co-founder, Skuola.net, Francesca Medolago Albani, Head of Strategy, ANICA and Vice President, National Council of Film and Audio Visual, MIBACT, Mario Rusconi, President ANP Lazio, National Association of School Managers and High Professionals.

Marco Ponte, CEO at RaceWard Studio, and Piero Savastano, data scientist (AI expert) attended the panel dedicated to the school and training of the Future.

Among the workshops, the programming one about how to create an FPS with Unreal Engine in 2 hours.

On the final day, a special note about the one on modeling and sculpting with the differences between human and animals, the one about AI and video games and the one about game design by Sergio Rocco, Executive Producer a RaceWard Studio.

Game Jam “Students for Future declared its winners, a team of students of Carlo Urbani Institute, with the game titled “Dear Mr Bump”.

The closing event has been the masterclass held by Bernardo Antoniazzi, Principal Technical Artist, Infinity Ward (remotely), who talked about his early career steps and how he started working on “Call of Duty”.