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A successful first edition

A successful first edition for the Level Up School Days, the first and unique school-oriented event in Italy focused on creation and development of video games, featuring institutional panels, talks and workshops, Virtual Reality area and simulations.

At the end of September in Rome, three days about science and technologies of interactivity for students, teachers and Institutionalrepresentatives.


A rich schedule featuring 6 panels, 9 workshops, 60 talks, 1 game jam, 1 VR area, 1 indie area, +80 among speakers and guests onsite.

The participants online were in total 147333, 8333 on Twitch, 3800 on youTube and 2600 on other platforms.

“Technological innovation - said Luca De Dominicis, Founder & CEO di AIV - is at the foundation of video games and consequently, of our training courses at AIV. When the Ministry of Education talks about classrooms as environments for innovative learning, she speaks our own language and shares our approach.
Nowadays, video game represents an extraordinary chance to enhance training, guiding us in virtual worlds accurately reproduced. Let’s think about an astronomy lesson using Virtual Reality where studentscan live the experience of the first man on the Moon. Fantasy is the only limit. In AIV we call this kind of training immersive learning”.
“One of the ‘credits’ of the pandemic - said Gianluca Vacca, Education, Science and Training Commission and former parliament member at Mibact, has been focusing our attention to School. Their closure due to the Covid-19 outbreak opened the discussion about digital and innovation inside schools. Digital devices for training are complementary and not a replacement of traditional education tools. Italian Government allocated a big budget for Internet, laptops, and digital tools in schools, thanks also to guidelines about the Recovery Fund for School and Innovation.”
Paolo Lattanzio, member of the Commission for Culture and Education at the Chamber of Deputies, said that “Remote learning experienced during lockdown is a starting point. During the last years, investments on digital innovation at school has been exclusively used to buy device and tools for teaching without thinking about their multiple usages. The main goal of all schools should be educating the future generations on a responsible consumption of digital information. One of the tasks of the Commission where I am a part of, is creating paths of digital literacyteaching to give students the chance to decode input they receive and develop a critical thinking so they can live with technology and not passively experience it.”

Level Up School Days has been under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense, Lazio Region, Municipality of Rome, Roma Lazio Film Commission, ANICA, CORIS - Department "Sapienza", Associazione 100autori, Anitec-Assinform and Municipality of Partanna; LEVEL UP School Days has been supported by ACER with their brand Predator dedicated to gaming,and by Canon, with the participation of Air Force 5th Unit.