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LEVEL UP SCHOOL DAYS 2020 is coming

The first event in Italy dedicated to young students who want to start a career in the game industry

Level Up School Days, the new and first educational event in Italy entirely focused on the creation and development of video games, is about to start.
Simulations, interactive works, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are among the topics covered during the event.
Level Up School Days will take place from 28th to 30th September 2020 in two schools located in Rome: ITIS “Galileo Galilei” and I.I.S “Carlo Urbani”.


Aimed at bringing in Italy the top quality and innovative knowledge coming from Science and Technology of Interactivity, LEVEL UP - School Days intends to foster the development of a digital culture with a three days marathon of talks, workshops, panels, lectures, VR and simulators area and a game jam dedicated to students: “Student for future”.

During LEVEL UP School Days, there will also be students’ career points, where young students and their parents can talk with the best teachers and game developers about potential careers and job opportunities offered by the gaming industry. 

“We are extremely glad to run the LEVEL UP School Days” said Luca De Dominicis, CEO and founder of AIV – Italian Academy of Video games. “With this brand new event, we want to adapt in a more dynamic way young people’s skills to the digital world, in order to make them matching with the current job market and to contribute to the development of a better educational and training chain, stressing the importance of new technologies and digital careers.” 

LEVEL UP School Days is entirely produced and managed by AIV - Italian Academy of Video Games, the first video game training school in Italy, founded in 2004 and based in Rome and Milan.

The event is free entrance but requires booking, in order to guarantee to all attendants and visitors absolute safety and security, according to and in compliance with the current anti- Covid regulations. It will be part online and in a small part onsite. Its main audience will be high schools and italian game and tech studios and small companies.

LEVEL UP School Days are about finding a new way of talking about school and education in Italy in these hard times and making it an opportunity for social, technological, cultural and human development.