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The third and last day of the second edition was opened with the keynote by Mario Palmero, Unreal Engine Technical Evangelist, who showed the power of the game engine by Epic Games.

For the game art track, the workshop by 3d digital sculptor Daniele Danko Angelozzi, the talks by Simone Silvestri, Environment Artist at Remedy Entertainment, the one about technical art by Francesco Abbonizio (CD Projekt Red), and the concept art talk by Christian Steve Scampini (34BigThings), who joined Level Up for the second time.

For the programming track, two talks about AI and Unity, and for the game design track, Fawzi Mesmar from King, Nicola Sirago from Social Point, Take-Two Interactive, the Writers Guild Award Winner and member of IGDA (International Game Developers Association) Anne Toole, who was the narrative designer of Horizon Zero Dawn, and Giuseppe Mancini, who talked about game environments.

On the final day, two talks about Business & Management by Tommaso Valentini from 3D Clouds and Chris Philip from Game Anglia, and the talks about Production and Management by Stefano Pinna from Forge Studios and Andreas Firnigl from Nosebleed Interactive, which are both independent game studios.

Many developers and professionals were available for portfolio review and recruiting sessions.

Many thanks to all game developers and attendees for making Level Up Rome Developer Conference second edition amazing and see you in 2020 with the third edition!!!