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Day 2 had a great start with game art stars like Patrick Gladys (Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen), Francesco Abbonizio (CD Projekt Red), Kim Aava (Lead 3D artist, DICE) and Federico Righi (MPC), who held a workshop about Houdini, a 3D procedural software for modeling, rigging, animation, VFX, mainly used in movies.

For the programming track, Michele Caini, C++ expert, talked about EnTT library, while Pawel Rohleder (Head of Technology, Techland) showed the power of the ray-casting algorithm. Luca Palmili held a suggestive workshop focused on VR, Animation and RootMotion in Unity.

For the game design track, Mila Irek (MuHa Games) taked about narrative design techniques, Tommaso Bonanni (Caracal Games) revealed the secrets of procedural level design, and Giuseppe Enrico Franchi (34BigThings) taked about game design.

Among the topics, production and management, business and marketing, audio and licensing were also covered. 

A pivotal moment has been the panel about transmedia narrative, which saw Italian big comic stars like Roberto Recchioni (Dylan Dog), Francesco Artibani (Disney Italia), Mauro Uzzeo (Orfani), with Luca Raffaelli as moderator.

In addition, some developers were available for portfolio review and recruiting sessions, among the most interesting events of the conference for the attendees, who had the chance to receive feedback and suggestions by both Italian and international top professional game developers.