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3d art, micro team, puzzle games, procedural texturing, recruiting, business, networking, psychopedagogy: a quite huge list of topics since the very beginning for the Level Up Rome Developer Conference. Among the top speakers of day one who came on stage, Arno Schmitz (Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn), Teddy Florea (Director of business development, Nordic Game) and Professor Maria Rita Mancaniello (University of Florence, Program Coordinator of UNESCO "Human Development and Peace Culture" Transdisciplinary Chair).


The second edition of Level Up Rome Developer Conference doubled its numbers in terms of speakers, who shared their know-how and best practices to Italian students and young developers, contributing with talks about the different topics related to video games development and interactive science. 

Among the speakers, Lara Gianotti and Andrea Tabacco, two young developers from Antab Studio team, a Milan-based game studio developer of "Smashell", "Jackpot Stadium", "Amniotic" and the series "GRIDD", who gave a talk about Business and Marketing. Another great contribution was made by Philomena Schwab from Stray Fawn Studio (Niche), who talked about the success via community-based development, which is also the topic of her master thesis.


The top two moments of day one have been the investors’ panel, with the veteran  Jon Kimmich, CEO at Software Illuminati LLC, as the moderator. Christian Fonnesbech, Kamil Klinowski, LK Shelley, Tobias Sjogren, and Tony Zander, discussed investments, pitching, and business in the game industry. The second one has been the masterclass held by Maria Rita Mancaniello, Professor of Psychopedagogy and Pedagogy for Teenagers at the University of Florence and Program Coordinator of UNESCO "Human Development and Peace Culture" Transdisciplinary Chair, who talked about video games role in teenage growth.


The first day ended with a concept art talk by Federico Ferrarese, a holography talk by Francesco Lavanga and Giuseppe Capasso from Hologriffe team, a game design talk by LK Shelley and a programming talk by Daniele Dionisi