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The 21st of September is approaching and, as we had anticipated, the updates on the Level Up - Rome Developer Conference program continue in a tight manner.

In fact, we want to announce the fourth group of names that will join the already very rich parterre announced up to now.

Let's immediately review the six new names of the developers who will participate in the 2021 edition.

Let's start by mentioning Doron Hirsch, installation artist, Game Designer and co - founder of Kwa Qua Games, after the 2019 edition, Tommaso Bonanni, founder and CEO of Caracal Games, will also be one of us, you will also not want to miss the appointment with Nikola Nikita Jeremic composer and Sound Designer for Waveform Studio. For the Business and Marketing area, we will be able to listen to Jessica Manighetti, Head of Product at Chillicat, while Alessandro Carullo, Gameplay Designer and Marco Joele Nicolini, Head of QA, both from RaceWard Studio , will enrich the Game Design area.

We remind you to follow all the updates on our site and, if you have not yet done so, to register by filling out the form you find in the "PARTICIPATE" section.

September 21 is approaching, don't miss it!