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Speakers 2021

The most innovative industry’s know - how and the most meaningful themes up-to-date. Here revealed some of Level up - Rome Developer Conference key - players.

Sabour Amirazodi

Technical Marketing Engineer @ NVIDIA

As Creative Director and visual effect producer, Sabour brings over 16 years of multi-platform experience in location-based entertainment, interactive gaming, experiential marketing, and media production.

Fawzi Mesmar

Head of Design @ EA DICE

Fawzi Mesmar is an award winning Game designer, author and public speaker that has been in the gaming industry for over 18 years in a career.

Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant

Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience (UX) and cognitive science in the game industry.

Stanislav Stankovic

Creative Director at Electronic Arts (EA)

Currently Creative Director at TrackTwenty EA in Helsinki, Stanislav has been working with the studio for over 15 years, working on the SimCity BuildiIt title.

Marco Massarutto

​​Co-Founder e Executive Manager @ Kunos Simulazioni

Born in Rome in 1972, Marco has always had a great passion for cars and video games. IT consultant, in 2005, Marco co-founded with Stefano Casillo Kunos Simulazioni, of which he is currently Executive Manager.

Paweł Rohleder

People-oriented game industry professional with a software engineering background. Currently leading PixelAnt Games studio.

Francesco Abbonizio

Creative & Art Director @ Jyamma Games

Francesco Abbonizio, Technical Artist and Art Director, RPG and fantasy addict.

Anne Toole

Narrative Designer, Writers Guild Award-winning writer

Writers Guild Award-winning writer Anne Toole has written for live action series, games, animation, comics, and more. She most recently wrote for GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: Director's Cut, coming out later this year.

Erik Valkering

Software Engineer @ Mindesk

Erik Valkering has always been very interested in programming. Already at the age of 11, he was introduced to QuickBasic via a friend of his.

Sven Mika

Machine Learning Engineer @ Anyscale

Machine Learning Engineer at Anyscale, he was also founder, CEO and Senior Software Developer for Ducandu GmbH.

Bradley Smith

Co-founder and Creative Director @ Miracle Tea

Brad is the Co-founder and Creative Director at Miracle Tea. They are best known in the UK independent scene for their games Ruya and Alula.

Roberto Dillon

Academic Head, School of Science and Technology @ James Cook University Singapore

Originally from Italy but currently based in Singapore, Dr. Roberto Dillon is active both as a game designer and as an educator nurturing the next generation of game developers.

Nikola Nikita Jeremic

Sound Designer @ Waveform Studio

Nikola Nikita Jeremić is a young and aspiring music composer from Serbia. He is a self-educated musician and composer.

Elena Lobova


Elena Lobova is the founder of ACHIEVERS HUB, an agency that helps independent game developers and connects them with investors, publishers, and mentors from all around the world. 

Pontus Mähler

Director of Business Development @ GTR Accelerator

Pontus "Zlapped" Mahler is an ex-professional gamer who has attended and won multiple tournaments globally in Heroes of Newerth.

Fabio Mosca

CTO, AnotheReality

Co-Founder and CTO at AnotheReality, Fabio Mosca is a Virtual Reality designer, videogame programmer and engineer.

Firat Baban

Co-Founder & Game Designer @ Madcraft Studios

Fırat is a young entrepreneur and game designer in the game industry.

Eevi Korhonen

Senior Narrative Designer @ Housemarque

After ten years of experience from mobile, Facebook and AAA games, Eevi has an expansive view of what game design can be, but her heart has always belonged to the narrative side of games.

Leonardo Calamati

Principal Concept Artist @ Remedy Entertainment

Leonardo is Principal Concept Artist at Remedy with 10 years of experience in the industry.

Doron Hirsch

Installation artist and Game Designer | Co-founder @ Kwa Qua Games

Doron Hirsch is an installation artist and game designer based in Amsterdam. He is the co-founder of Kwa Qua Games, an award winning independent game studio dedicated to designing interactive playful platforms.

Jessica Manighetti

Head of Product @ Chillchat

Jessica is a product designer who specializes in creating platforms in the gaming industry.

Michele Caini

Freelance Senior Software Engineer

Graduated cum laude in Computer Engineering at Univesrità degli Studi di Firenze, Michele Caini is a Frrelance Senior Software Engineer.

Diego Ricchiuti

Creative Director for several studios | Published Author (CRC Press)

Co-founder and Creative Director, he developed Don-Ay, the first donation game ever made.

Christopher Sacchi

Game Developer

Since 2011 he has been engaging in video game development, working mainly on graphic adventures and other interactive narrative experiences, and learning the ropes attending game jams, developing personal projects and a lot of freelance work.

Domiziana Suprani

Producer @ Studio Evil

In 2013 she concluded her studies at the University of Bologna and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon with a master's degree in Computer Science.

Tommaso Bonanni

Founder and CEO @ Caracal Games

Founder of Caracal Games in 2016, with which he released Downward (2017), OkunoKA (2018) and OkunoKA Madness (2019), titles appreciated by critics and winners of international awards.

Alessandro Carullo

Gameplay Designer @ RaceWard Studio

Alessandro started his journey as a Game Designer in 2014, writing rulebooks and planning LARP (Live Action Role Play) events first for Ucronia Live and then for Grayvent Live, a project by Malastrana s.r.l.

Marco Joele Nicolini

Head Of QA @ RaceWard Studio

Marco Joele Nicolini holds the role of Quality Assurance Manager at RaceWard Studio.

Giuseppe Longo

Game Artist, Graphic Designer

Giuseppe Longo is a game artist and graphic designer who has been working since the beginning of the new millennium under the pseudonym Misbug.

Arianna Ortelli

CEO & Co-Founder @ NOVIS GAMES

Arianna Ortelli, born in 1996, graduated from high school V.Alfieri in Turin and graduated in Business Administration and then Business Administration at the University of Turin.

Davide Bianchi

Senior software engineer @ Lunar Great Wall - RACEWARD Studio

Passionate about video games since childhood, he obtained a master's degree in computer engineering at the Milan Polytechnic.

Marco A. Minoli

Marketing Director @ Slitherine Group

​​Marco A. Minoli started working in gaming back in 1998. He is a faithful ambassador of market niches: a marketing person with one foot in creativity and one foot firmly established in numbers.

Siro Toracchio

Mobile marketing for apps and video games specialized Consultant

Siro started his career in 2012 by founding his first startup.

Roberto Vergine

Founder and Game Developer @ Cactus Production

Graduated from the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia in the course of New Technologies of Art (grade 110/110) with a thesis on Level Design and a demo focused on the possibility of combining the playful context with the cultural one.


More devs to come

The list of developers is going to be updated soon.