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Speakers - 2020

The most advanced know-how in the field, about the most trending topics! Here are revealed some of the protagonists of LEVEL UP - Rome Developer Conference 2020.

After establishing itself among the most valuable developer conference in 2019, (over 50 AAA top speakers from all around the world), next edition will gather 50+ of the best worldwide games industry creators in 5 tracks.

Lucia Azzolina

Ministry of Education

Born in Siracusa, Sicily, Lucia Azzolina graduated at Università degli Studi di Catania in History of Philosophy; then she got another degree in Law at Università degli Studi di Pavia in 2013, specializing in Administrative Law.

Vito Crimi

Vice Minister of Domestic Affairs

Italian politician, currently ruling the Five Stars Movement.

Alessandra Todde

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development

Software engineer, manager and Italian politician.

Bernardo Antoniazzi


After a BA at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Bernardo Antoniazzi started working as assistant teacher for 3D Animation in Maya class at San Francisco State University. In 2014, he joined the Technical Management Program at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Nicola Borrelli


After graduating in Economics and Market at La Sapienza Università di Roma, he got a Master degree in Management of Technology Innovation in Public Administration by S.S.P.A. and Università degli Studi di Bologna.

Eccellenza Fayiz F. Khouri

Ambassador of Jordan

Graduated in Economics and Master in Public Administration, from 2005 to 2010 he was Vice General Director of the Tourism Office in Jordan.

Elisabetta Giustini

President, Polo Tecnico Professionale Galileo

Elisabetta Giustini is the Headmaster of ITIS Galileo Galilei and IIS Carlo Urbani in Rome, President of Polo Tecnico Professionale “Galileo” - Informatica e Meccanica, which works to update students’ skills to the job market, according to the goals of the Industry 4.0 program and the Re-industrialization program of Lazio Region.

Rocco Pinneri


After his degree in Mathematics at Università di Torino, in 1996 he started working in IT as analyst and then as Project manager, both for private companies such as Olivetti and Iveco, and public companies for the Ministry of Economy and Finances.

Claudio Di Berardino


Claudio Di Berardino entered the Board of Administration of Inca in 2016, after leaving his role as General Manager of Cgil of Roma and Lazio for mandate expiry.

Paolo Lattanzio


After covering different roles such as member of the Parliamentary Antimafia Commission and member of the Commission for Culture, Science and Education at the Chamber of Deputies since 2018, Paolo Lattanzio was appointed member of the Parliamentary Commission for Childhood and Adolescence in 2021.

Federico Mollicone

Deputy, Commission for Culture, Science and Education at the Chamber of Deputies

Marketing and Communication expert, cultural events organizer. 

Mirella Liuzzi

Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Economic Development

Italian politician.

Luca Carabetta

Deputy, Commission for Production Activities at the Chamber of Deputies

Italian politician, since 2018 he is Deputy and Vice President of the Commission for Production Activities at the Chamber of Deputies with the Five Stars Movement. 

Massimiliano Smeriglio

Commission for Culture and Education, European Parliament

Professor, politician and writer, euro deputy at the European Parliament.

Daniele Taddei

Sole Director of Studios International

Entrepreneur, in the 90s he took over the De Paolis film studios which, closed and abandoned for years, after massive renovations were able to reopen in 1997.

Luca De Dominicis

Founder and CEO, AIV

He loves challenges, especially the apparently impossible ones. 

Ian Carnelli

GSP Manager, ESA

Manager of the General Studies Program at the European Space Agency ESA, he supports the European future space missions.

Paola Frassinetti


After getting her degree in Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Paola Frassinetti started her political career at an early age.

Andrea Bettini

Journalist @ Rainews24

Journalist at RaiNews24, Andrea Bettini is the curator and the host of Futuro24, a weekly tv program about science and innovation. 

Col. Paolo Nurcis

5°Rep. Stato Maggiore Aeronautica

Ten. Col. Paolo De Vita

5°Rep. Stato Maggiore Aeronautica

Nicola Illuzzi

Councilor of the Order of Doctors

Luisa Bixio

Founder and CEO @ MILESTONE

After graduating at Economics, Business, and Administration at Università Bocconi, in 2011 Luisa spent 2 years in Milestone, a development and publishing videogame company, as commercial director and in 2013 she started an activity in a non-profit organization, while still working in Milestone on a part time base, where she participated to all strategic meetings and decisions and followed some more operative activities. 

Marco Bellezza

Managing Director @ Infratel

Lawyer, PhD in Private Law and New Technologies, since 2019 he is a board member of ad hoc Committee at the EU Council on AI (CAHAI) and starting from January 2020 he is Managing Director at Infratel Italia S.p.A.

Antonio Zennaro

Deputy, Commission for financial statement at the Chamber of Deputies, member of Copasir

Graduate in Marketing and company Management, and in Economic Law, he worked for different banks and then as a manager responsible for the financial risks area at Fondazione Enasarco.

Stefano Silvestri


His past is made of anything that might have been played in the last 30 years. 

Andrea Giarrizzo

Deputy, Vice president, Commission for Production Activities at the Chamber of Deputies

Italian politician. Passionate about social innovation and youth entrepreneurship, in 2018 he was elected at the Chamber of Deputies with the Five Stars Movement. 

Laura Bononcini

Public Policy Director, Facebook Sud Europa

Born in Bruxelles from Italian father and Austrian mother, she graduated in International Relations at the Sciences Po's - Paris School of International Affairs and then studied Journalism at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 

Angelo Mazzetti

Public Policy Manager @ Facebook Italia

Graduate in Political Science, with a focus on International Rights and EU Rights, he completed a Master in International Relations at the University LUISS “Guido Carli”. 

Elio Ciaccia

President Articolo Novantanove



Marco Rizzone

Deputy, Commission for Production Activities at the Chamber of Deputies

Italian Politician. After graduating in Business Economics and in Finance and Financial Markets, he started his career in Politics.

Eleonora Faina

General Director @ Anitec-Assinform

General Director at Anitec-Assinform, the Association of companies by Confindustria, which gathers Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Electronic Consumption Companies in Italy.

Giuseppe Iacono

Repubblica Digitale - Department for Digital Transformation

Expert in innovation processes, with over 30 years of experience in innovation as a manger, counsellor for companies and PA, and entrepreneur.

Luca Zorloni

Business Editor @ Wired Italia

Journalist, he is manager for economy and Internet fields at Wired Italia.

Marco Saletta

President IIDEA, General Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia

Graduated in Business Economics, Marco Saletta worked in different companies as Marketing and Sales Director.

Gianluca Vacca


After graduating in Human Studies at Università degli Studi Gabriele D’Annunzio di Chieti, since 2013 Gianluca Vacca has been a member of Parliament at the Chamber of Deputies, where he manages Education and Culture.

Carla Pampaloni


Degree in Pedagogy at the Università degli studi “L.U.M.S.A.”of Rome in 1994 . M.A in Multimedia Analysis and Design in 1997 and in the same year she was awarded with a scholarship for her thesis by the università degli studi di Bologna, Teaching Faculty. 

Nino Zinnanti

Councilor for Economic Development and Technological Innovation, Municipality of Partanna

Guido Scorza

Lawyer, freelance journalist, visiting professor of new technologies law.

Daniele Grassucci

Co-founder @ Skuola.net

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Aviation Engineering, he got a PhD in Mechanical And Industrial Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre.

Francesca Medolago Albani

Head of Strategy @ ANICA e Vice Presidente @ Consiglio Superiore del cinema e dell'audiovisivo del MIBACT

After graduating in Disciplines of the Entertainment at La Sapienza Università di Roma, since 2006 she has been working at ANICA in the department of Development, Studies, and Associative Relations.

Giuliano Gigli

CEO @ Blue Ocean Finance

Graduated in Company Law, Legal Research, and Advanced Professional Studies at LUISS Guido Carli University, since 2018 Giuliano Gigli has been CEO of Blue Ocean Finance, which offers financial services in development and strategic counselling for SMES and Start-ups.

Angelo De Marco

Advisory & Corporate Finance @ Banca Finnat

After graduating in Company Administration in 2004 and in Company Economics in 2006 at La Sapienza Università di Roma, Angelo De Marco started a long-term collaboration with the Department of Economics and Law of Production Activities at La Sapienza University.

Gianna Fregonara

Giornalista @ Corriere della Sera

Graduated in Law at Università degli Studi di Milano, for over seventeen years Gianna Fregonara has been working at Corriere della Sera as a parliamentary journalist, chief reporter for Corriere Roma, and from 2013 as editor in chief in School, University, and Education fields.

Marco Ponte

CEO @ RaceWard Studio

Marco has over 18 years’ experience in video games. After stints as a game designer and project manager at several Italian video game companies (WaywardXS and Artematica Entertainment), he joined Milestone in 2010 as Assistant Producer. It was not long before he became Executive Producer and lead production of Milestone titles in this capacity with a team of producers and project managers until 2014.

Sergio Rocco

Executive Producer @ Raceward Studio

Sergio Rocco took his first steps in computer graphics in 93/94 on Amiga, where he published his first title in 96.


Founder e CEO @ 34 BIG THINGS

Piero Savastano

Data Scientist (AI)

Piero is an expert coming from research and robotics based on biological structures and processes.

Elisabetta Scala

Vice Presidente @ MOIGE

After graduating in Pedagogy at the Faculty of Sciences of Education at the University of Navarra, and expert of family orientation, Elisabetta Scala is a psycho-pedagogical counsellor at Rai.

Andrea Federici

Compositore e Sound Designer, docente @ AIV

Andrea Federici, director of the course in Music for Video games, Cinema and Television at AIV, is also a guitarist, composer, and sound designer with credits on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Diego Ricchiuti

Lead Game Designer @ Caracal Games e @ Jyamma Games, docente @ AIV


3D Artist, docente @ AIV

Katja Centomo

Scrittrice, Ceo @ Red Whale, Intellectual Properties Manager @ Ignition Publishing


Growth Marketing Manager @ LVenture Group S.p.A.

Currently Growth Marketing Manager at LV8, the Growth Department of LVenture Group SPA, one of the most active VC funds in Europe, Matteo Aliotta has over 15 years of experience in the digital industry as Senior Consultant for Startups, SMES and Corporate, Temporary CMO, and Senior Consultant for successful start-ups with fast growth. 

Tommaso Bonanni

Creative Director @ Caracal Games

Giuseppe Mancini

Founder and Lead Game Designer @ Yonder Entertainment

Giuseppe Mancini, Founder and Lead Game Designer @ Yonder Entertainment.

Stefano Sacerdoti

3D Environment e Prop Artist, docente @ AIV

After finishing his studies at the Italian Academy of Video games, in 2019 Stefano joined the AIV training team as a teacher, showing his technical and artistic skills.

Valerio De Simone

Game Designer, docente @ AIV

While finishing his studies in Psychology, Valerio founded his own tabletop publishing company, Il Barone Games, where is the co-founder and game director. Among its titles, Hug Me and Dwarfest and their expansions.

Paolo Guarino

Level Designer, docente @ AIV

After graduating in CG Animation at IED, where he worked on the teaser trailer for Giffoni Film Festival in 2016, he developed a demo in Unity of an escape Room for HTC Vive with the team Oniride.

Daniele Dionisi

Game Programmer @ Caracal Games


Giovanni Lo Re

Concept Artist, Art/Direction @ Caracal Games

Giovanni is a concept artist and illustrator with over 20 years of experience.

Felix Ostwald

3D Game Artist @ Forge Studios

After finishing his studies at the Italian Academy of Video Games in 2012 as one of the best students, Felix joined the training team as a teacher of the 3D Game Art course at AIV.

Diego Grisogani

3D Artist, docente @ AIV

After finishing his studies at the Italian Academy of Video Games (AIV) in Rome, he worked as a freelancer and then joined the AIV training team as a teacher of the 3D Game Art course, where he currently teaches low-poly modeling, sculpting, traditional texturing, pbr texturing, binding, and pipeline in game engines.

Eduardo Tassi

Level Designer @ redBit Games, docente @ AIV

Eduardo Tassi is a Level Designer with a few years of experience currently working at One O One Games, as well as a lecturer in level design at AIV - Italian Academy of Video games in Rome.

Marco Marocco

Musician, Composer, Sound Designer, docente @ AIV

After finishing his studies at Conservatorio di Musica L. Refice and Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome, where he got his I Level Master Degree in Music Composition for video games, Marco Marocco started working as a freelance musician, composer and sound designer.

Diego Sacchetti

Senior Application Developer @ redBit Games

Diego Sacchetti is a game developer with over 7 years of experience as Senior Flash Developer and then also as the founder of its own company, Morbidware, where he mainly manages the production and development of mobile games.