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Speakers 2021

Tommaso Bonanni

Founder and CEO @ Caracal Games

Founder of Caracal Games in 2016, with which he released Downward (2017), OkunoKA (2018) and OkunoKA Madness (2019), titles appreciated by critics and winners of international awards.


Tommaso is a Level Design theorist who bases his studies on the understanding of ancient and modern architecture, with particular emphasis on the rationalization of affordance.

Has been teacher and course director of Level and Game Design for AIV (Italian Videogames Academy), IED (European Institute of Design) and for SAE (Creative Media Institute).

Dealing with camera in 3D environment

Learn more about the relationship between the game camera and the design of the space that the player can walk.

Are there recommended approaches that the designer should apply to conceive game levels in a three-dimensional environment in both first and third person?

To what extent should the level design team and camera programmers be in communication during the whole delevopment to make sure the player's navigation will be smooth enough?

Do great levels rely on great game cameras?

The speaker will answer these and other questions by proposing a personal, new rationalization of the problem based on experience and on targeted studies.