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Sven Mika

Machine Learning Engineer @ Anyscale

Machine Learning Engineer at Anyscale, he was also founder, CEO and Senior Software Developer for Ducandu GmbH.


Lead developer of Ray RLlib, the world's most popular open-source reinforcement learning library. RLlib is used by Microsoft, Amazon, TwoSigma, McKinsey Quantum Black, Wildlife Studios, Pathmind, and many others in industry for building massively parallel self-learning systems. Sven Mika has a PhD in Computational Biology.
His interest in Machine Learning, led him to become a member of the Machine Learning Group of Dusseldorf in 2017, for which he also organized several meetups.
He wrote many articles about Machine Learning and is an active contributor to TensorForce, a python-based reinforcement learning library.

TALK (Programming)

21/09/2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST
Track 1