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Speakers 2021

Stanislav Stankovic

Creative Director at Electronic Arts (EA)

Currently Creative Director at TrackTwenty EA in Helsinki, Stanislav has been working with the studio for over 15 years, working on the SimCity BuildiIt title.


Before joining EA, he worked as a game designer for Rovio in Tampere, Finland.
His work is mainly focused on free to play games for mobile platforms. His specializations are in the field of game design, player retention and monetization, with a training background in Computer Science.
He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Technology in Tampere, where he also carried out some activities as a teacher in the Virtual Reality and Human Computer Interaction courses.

The First Time User Experience - A Hero’s Journey


The First Time User Experience (FTUE) is a term used in the games industry to describe the process of player onboarding. It encompasses the holistic user experience that the player has from the initial contact with the game including everything that happens during the first gameplay session. It goes beyond a simple game into or tutorial. It is hard to overstate the importance of well crafter FTUE. Understanding the player’s motivations, and the cognitive and emotional process that goes inside the player’s head during this process is essential. In this talk, I use a metaphor of the Hero’s Journey proposed by J. Campbell as a framework for exploring FTUE design fundamentals.



TALK (Game Design)

22/09/2021 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm CEST
Track 2