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Siro Toracchio

Mobile marketing for apps and video games specialized Consultant

Siro started his career in 2012 by founding his first startup.


After learning important lessons about teamwork, startup funding, and failure, he left his startup and worked for a local digital marketing agency. Over the next three years, he honed his skills in digital marketing, specializing in mobile marketing. In the process, he published and promoted more than three mobile games.
Since 2018, Siro has been helping several startups and companies launch their digital products, especially mobile games. He also has extensive knowledge of analytics/product management and loves to experiment with new things to push mobile marketing technologies to their limit.
His recent clients include Netflix, TIM, Universal Music, MSC, DMAX and Tannico. He has also worked on Kickstarter campaigns for two indie games ("Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness" and "The Hand of Glory"), not to mention numerous apps and other games.

iOS15: How mobile marketing is changing and how to get there prepared

Next September 20, iOS15 will be made available for all Apple devices. This update will bring great news not only for end users, but also for user acquisition and, in general, anyone who has to do with mobile games.
We'll start with a general overview and then we'll take a closer look at three topics in particular: Custom Product Pages, Product Page Optimization and In-App Events. These three features are revolutionary in and of themselves, but knowing how to use them in synergy and integrate them into your workflows will dramatically expand your team's chances of success.
From here, we'll analyze the status quo and think about possible future scenarios. What does the future of mobile marketing hold for us? We'll have a chance to think about it!

TALK (Business & Marketing)

22/09/2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm CEST
Track 3