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Speakers 2021

Roberto Vergine

Founder and Game Developer @ Cactus Production

Graduated from the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia in the course of New Technologies of Art (grade 110/110) with a thesis on Level Design and a demo focused on the possibility of combining the playful context with the cultural one.


Later he obtained a specialized Master in "Game Design" at the IULM University of Milan held by professors from an international level.
In January 2020 he launched a Communication Startup “Oltre - Made to Imagine”, which deals with the creation of multimedia content, Marketing, Videogames.
He participated as a Game Designer in the creation of 2 video games, one of which in Virtual Reality and one for an illustrator of international level.
In January 2021 he founded a new eight-person international team called “Cactus Production”, currently working on a first Made in Italy videogame product.

What is it like to be a Game Dev in Italy. (Spoiler: it is difficult)

A current and sincere vision on what are the risks, and the advantages, to be faced in order to become an independent developer in Italy.
In particular, the speech explores: risk analysis and assessment in making an independent video game simulation of a pitching session of your videogame idea and how to get the best results how to manage your resources, and a team, and complete a project. The talk is intended to be an experience that allows you to understand right away if you "have what it takes" to become an Indie developer.



The talk is aimed at an audience of beginners who have not yet started an official project and with more doubts than answers. The final focus is to provide a general overview of the responsibilities and challenges posed by a rapidly growing but ruthless and closed market.

TALK (Production & Management)

23/09/2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST
Track 3