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Speakers 2021

Pontus Mähler

Director of Business Development @ GTR Accelerator

Pontus "Zlapped" Mahler is an ex-professional gamer who has attended and won multiple tournaments globally in Heroes of Newerth.


He simultaneously ran his Twitch & Youtube and has over 40M views and 300,000 subscribers.

He transitioned from a player to a CEO of an Esport company in Thailand and managed over 80 athletes and influencers. Now he's transitioned to Director of BD for Global Top Round and uses his knowledge and experience from his pro-gaming career as well as his Esport consulting for major companies to assist gaming startups grow. Pontus primarily leads Investor & Publishing relations for the various portfolio companies securing long-term partnerships.

Accelerating Your Game Studio


This talk focuses on things you should consider while building your game studio. GTR will walk you through how they manage their portfolio, and assist their companies with their growth from a small indie team, to eventually upscaling towards a larger studio. We will also walk you through tips & tricks you should do earlier in your production to help get eyes on the project. We will dig into Community building, things to look out for and when you should ask for your first money from outside investors. The talk tailors well towards beginner, intermediate and advances entrepreneurs in the gaming industry. 

TALK (Business & Marketing)

23/09/2021 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am CEST
Track 1