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Speakers 2021

Paweł Rohleder

People-oriented game industry professional with a software engineering background. Currently leading PixelAnt Games studio.


Participated in a number of AAA titles from start to finish (e.g. Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, Call of Juarez series, and more - during 14 years at Techland).
Regularly invited and highly experienced speaker at 60+ gaming and technology conferences. Loves new challenges and taking on “the impossible”.

"20+ years in gaming showed me the importance of values-based company culture. In PixelAnt Games we are on the quest to bring fun back into gamedev."

Gamedev 2.0 - our way to bring fun back into game development


Studio leadership and game industry veterans (experienced).


In this talk we will share our experiences on creating positive game development studio culture with a long-term in mind. We will present how we approached crafting Studio Values and Employee Value Proposition as vital components of a healthy culture.


  • Culture can be easily "fixed" or "hacked"
  • Focus on studio culture first, then the business model
  • Craft living Values
  • Create EVP with Value Proposition Canvas
  • Hire people for culture, not for projects

TALK (Business & Marketing)

23/09/2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm CEST
Track 1

Tags: co-founder / studio director @ pixelant games