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Speakers 2021

Marco Joele Nicolini

Head Of QA @ RaceWard Studio

Marco Joele Nicolini holds the role of Quality Assurance Manager at RaceWard Studio.


After earning the Master in Digital Entertainment Media & Design, he started working in the gaming industry and has continued to do so for over 10 years, 7 from Tester to Compliance Specialist in Milestone working on titles such as MotoGP, SBK, MXGP, WRC and RIDE, 2 from Lead QA in 3DClouds on products such as All-Star Fruit Racing, Xenon Racer, Race with Ryan and CARRUMBLE and finally almost 2 years as Quality Assurance Manager at RaceWard with the recent release of the RiMS Racing motorcycle simulation.

Passionate about RPGs and investigative titles, he doesn't miss a single videogame epic fail, trying to tell the processes that led to generate these errors and why publishers and development studios should use a different approach to avoid them. Black belt of "Geneva Convention" and serial platinator. Don't know who to ask? Ask the QA! :)

"A Bug's Life" - (Why is important having a Quality Assurance expert in your team)

Why is it important to have a Quality Assurance expert in your team? What does quality control do and why should I look for a professional to fill this role, whether I am a development studio or a publisher? How can I respect international rules that no one knows about? ... and above all, why does the goalkeeper of the Swiss national football team have a dubious role?