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Speakers 2021

Marco A. Minoli

Marketing Director @ Slitherine Group

​​Marco A. Minoli started working in gaming back in 1998. He is a faithful ambassador of market niches: a marketing person with one foot in creativity and one foot firmly established in numbers.


In a sector driven by vertical climbs and equally sudden falls, it firmly believes in constant and sustainable growth.

Since 2007 he is Chief Marketing and partner of the Slitherine group, an international publisher and developer specializing in wargames and strategy games.
He believes that tomorrow's market rules are yet to be discovered.
He manages an all-international marketing and sales team directly from Italy and continues to insist on wearing the tie in a sector populated by geeky t-shirts!

Essential tools to avoid navigating on sight in a crowded market

In a dynamic and creative market like that of video games, marketing using numbers and trends may seem a paradox, but it is the basis on which the successes and losses of some of the most interesting launches of recent years rest.
This presentation takes participants on an analytical and structured journey through the myriad of metrics that are used every day to fully understand the evolution of the sector and the demands of the players.
With the awareness that there are no magic formulas for success, but with the desire to find as many rules and processes as possible that accompany every product launch.

TALK (Business & Marketing)

22/09/2021 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm CEST
Track 1