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Giuseppe Longo

Game Artist, Graphic Designer

Giuseppe Longo is a game artist and graphic designer who has been working since the beginning of the new millennium under the pseudonym Misbug.


His interest in illustration grows parallel to his passion for video games during his childhood, a period in which he has the opportunity to let his imagination fly between the wide pixels of the Commodore 64 and the four colors of the Game Boy.

His specialization lies in 2D illustration and pixel art, tools he has experimented with over the past 15 years on over 30 titles on different platforms.

Giuseppe Longo currently works as a freelance and during his career he has collaborated in the creation of several video games (The Textorcist, Slap and Beans, The Escapists 2, Circle of Sumo, Gunbrick, Magic Touch – Wizard For Hire, Milanoir, The Survivalists) and with teams and studios from all over the globe including Team17, Nitrome, Permadeath, MegaSweet, Morbidware, Yonder, Italo Games and Trinity Team.

Preventing A Pixel Perfect Storm - 5 things to plan in advance before developing a pixel art game

Pixel art is a widely used art style in videogames due to its appealing nature, the accessibility and low tier price of technologies useful for developing it. Pixel art also carries a lot of power on a game design perspective, giving the developers the possibility to experiment on new interesting ideas and quickly move those ideas in advanced stages of production. However all its perks can vanish if no care is put in pre-production research and even backfire, creating during production a perfect storm that can shut down projects.

During this talk, Giuseppe “Misbug” Longo will present suggestions and good practices for preparing your videogame project to feature pixel art graphics and avoid production issues that can harm stylistic consistency and the completion of the project itself.

TALK (3D Art)

23/09/2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm CEST
Track 3
(pre - recorded)