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Speakers 2021

Firat Baban

Co-Founder & Game Designer @ Madcraft Studios

Fırat is a young entrepreneur and game designer in the game industry.


Right before graduating from college, he started developing games with a small team made up of friends while working in a job at the same time.
With a boost in the game industry and startup ecosystem in Turkey, he decided to look for funds for his small team to fully focus on developing games.
He co-founded Madcraft Studios in December 2020 with raising seed investment from the first game industry venture fund of Turkey.

Madcraft Studios focuses on games for PC and mobile platforms and has 2 unreleased games (one for PC and one for mobile platforms) in their portfolio for now. Fırat is the game designer, writer, and business developer of game industry startup Madcraft Studios.

Turn Your Hobby Into Your Business: From Indie To Gaming Startup


In this session, I will talk about the differences between being an indie developer and an entrepreneur. Then I'll merge at a point and talk about how you can start your own gaming company. Throughout my speech, I'll give some examples from the story of my own gaming company, Madcraft Studios.

TALK (Business & Marketing)

21/09/2021 from 5 pm to 6 pm CEST
Track 3