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Speakers 2021

Fabio Mosca

CTO, AnotheReality

Co-Founder and CTO at AnotheReality, Fabio Mosca is a Virtual Reality designer, videogame programmer and engineer.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in CS engineering, Fabio focused his studies on videogame programming and interactive media, leading to his first VR experiences in 2014. After years of experiments, research and works in VR, he released Yon Paradox (2016), a VR videogame about time paradoxes, and co-founded AnotheReality, focusing on VR location based entertainment and training simulators for Industry 4.0. Also founder of the VR Milan Meetup, better known as "AperitiVR".

Business driven VR game design for sustainable development

The VR gaming space has recently seen a growth in the user base thanks to the Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2, enabling more and more studios to consider the production of VR games with a prospect of healthy profits.
Still, the production of a VR game requires similar effort and investment of a normal game while reaching a smaller audience: in this talk we'll explore parallel opportunities outside the consumer market and how to optimize your "VR Design" with business in mind, using concrete examples from our productions to leverage opportunities that VR can open for your business.

TALK (Game Design)

23/09/2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST
Track 2