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Speakers 2021

Eevi Korhonen

Senior Narrative Designer @ Housemarque

After ten years of experience from mobile, Facebook and AAA games, Eevi has an expansive view of what game design can be, but her heart has always belonged to the narrative side of games.


As a former game designer, her main area of interest lies in the intersection of mechanics and storytelling.

Her latest work includes CONTROL developed by Remedy Entertainment and Returnal developed by Housemarque.

Evolving Storytelling in Returnal


In this talk, Eevi discusses the evolving storytelling techniques used in Returnal. The talk focuses particularly on how the Xenoglyphs and the Databank entries were designed to become and how they are tied to not just the grounded sci-fi story of Atropos but also Selene's own psychological journey.

TALK (Narrative Design)

22/09/2021 from 2 pm to 3 pm CEST
Track 2