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Speakers 2021

Christopher Sacchi

Game Developer

Since 2011 he has been engaging in video game development, working mainly on graphic adventures and other interactive narrative experiences, and learning the ropes attending game jams, developing personal projects and a lot of freelance work.


Among the projects he has worked on are "A Night That Wouldn't End" and "A Landlord's Dream", short graphic adventures, and "zFRAG", a zen game in which a virtual hard disk is manually defragmented.

Since 2020 he has been working as a developer and designer at Stuck In Attic, currently working on "Near-Mage" and already developers of "Gibbous: a Cthulhu Adventure", released in 2019.

Occasionally he curates "Unpoint / Unclick", a column that analyzes the design of graphic adventures and their puzzles, bringing their discoveries around when he can.

From branching to storylets: design structures in Interactive Fiction

A quick glance at the most common design structures in Interactive Fiction, the kind of stories they support and some tools of the trade. Plus, a look into how Stuck In Attic is developing and implementing the narrative logic behind their upcoming game Near-Mage.

TALK (Narrative Design)

21/09/2021 from 3:30pm to 4:30 pm
Track 1