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Speakers 2021

Alessandro Carullo

Gameplay Designer @ RaceWard Studio

Alessandro started his journey as a Game Designer in 2014, writing rulebooks and planning LARP (Live Action Role Play) events first for Ucronia Live and then for Grayvent Live, a project by Malastrana s.r.l.


In 2018 he decided to hone his design skills to enter the game industry and in 2019 he became part of Lunar Great Wall Studios / RaceWard Studio as Gameplay Designer.

With the other members of the team he takes part in the development of RiMS Racing from the first concept to the final release, writing and maintaining the documentation, designing the game modes, flow, progression and economy

RiMS Racing: a new design approach for a simulative racing game.

It's a common misconception that the rules of reality and the freedom demanded by the creative process do not get along well. In certain genres, like simulative racing games, we are used to thinking that our design must be limited to what a strict interpretation of reality has to offer. In this talk we'll explore how RiMS Racing tried to subvert this narrative by changing our approach to concepts like "simulation" and "realism", finding a design perspective that could bring creativity to the paradigms of realism.

TALK (Game Design)

22/09/2021 from 5 pm to 6 pm CEST
Track 3