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Speakers - 2019

Siro Toracchio

Mobile Marketing & Analytics Specialist

Multipotentialite marketing consultant helping startups and companies to launch mobile digital products, with a focus for games.


Siro started working on games in 2012, when he founded his first startup. After learning a really important lesson about teamwork, startup funding and failure, he left his own startup and got a job in a digital marketing agency. During the following three years, he trained his digital marketing skills up to the next level and specialized in mobile marketing. Meanwhile, he published and promoted three mobile games.

Since 2018 he's helping startups and companies to launch their digital products, especially mobile games. He also has extensive analytics/product management knowledge and loves to make new experiments to push mobile marketing technologies to their limits.

Among the most recent works, he's been involved in the launch of the first interactive movie ever by a well-known online streaming service. He also worked on the kickstarter campaign of two indie games ("Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness" and "The Hand of Glory"), not to mention other apps and games.

Mobile Marketing: all the things you have to keep in mind before launching your next mobile game

This talk, exclusively prepared for LEVEL UP 2019, will cover different topics about mobile marketing.

After an introduction about the mobile market, store mechanics and competition, Siro will talk about App Store Optimization, Metadata, and Ranking mechanics, and then move to User Acquisition, Facebook Ads / Google Ads, and strategies to test and find the best clients.

Data Analysis and tracking systems with their possibilities and limits will be also covered, in order to understand where the clients come from and how much they spend, with a look at potential bottlenecks.

There will be examined the User Experience and 3 tips to enhance UX and manage clients’ feedback, by identifying their needs through dialogue.

In the final part, the monetization process will be analyzed, together with a comparison between Ads invasive and non-invasive, and in-app purchase.

This talk is aimed at giving developers an idea of what the groundwork for launching a mobile app is, so they can be able to build an awareness of what should be the marketing activities to be planned and set up.


11/05/2019 from 17:00 to 18:00
Track 3

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