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Speakers - 2019

Simone Silvestri

Environment Artist @ Remedy Entertainment

Born in 1990, Simone studied 3D Graphics at AIV.


After finishing the course, he started working as a freelancer and then he founded Tiberlabs, an outsourcing studio that gathered different artists with the aim of managing clients and projects.

In 2016 he arrived in Symmetrical, an indie studio developers of “Gates of Nowhere”, where he worked as 3D Environment Artist.

Since 2018, Simone has joined Remedy Entertainment (Quantum Break, Max Payne), where he works as Environment Artist building game worlds.

Environment Art: The Remedy Way 

A summary of my experience as an Environment Artist working at Remedy.

The talk is going to be a high-level view on our process and focus especially on the relationship between Art and Design.

Get an idea of what the job is, how we organize the work, how we build levels and collaborate between disciplines to create highly immersive single-player experiences.


11/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
Track 2

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