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Speakers - 2019

Roberto Recchioni

Novelist, screenwriter, cartoonist, illustrator, and critic

Born in Rome in 1974, Roberto Recchioni is a screenwriter and scriptwriter for comics and movies. He is also an illustrator, a movie critic, and a web celeb.


His main interest is in sequential art, for which he is considered “the rockstar of Italian comic scene”. He wrote about iconic characters such as Tex, Diabolik, and Topolino and created John Doe and Detective Dante (together with Lorenzo Bartoli), Battaglia, David Murphy: 911, and the comic series Orfani.

For various years, he has been director of Dylan Dog, the famous character created by Tiziano Sclavi and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. Mater Morbi (Bonelli-Bao), Chambara - la via del samurai (Bonelli-Bao) , Asso (NPE), Ammazzatine (NPE), Le Guerre di Pietro (BD), Ucciderò ancora Billy the Kid (BD), Monolith (on which recently has been based a movie), and La Fine della Ragione (Feltrinelli) are his graphic novels.

He curated for Edizioni Star Comics the series Roberto Recchioni presenta: I Maestri dell'Orrore, dell'Avventura e del Mistero. He also worked on the concept, the screenwriting and the production of comics related to the movies Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot and Smetto Quando Voglio: Masterclass. He produced the first comic based on Cronache del Mondo Emerso by Licia Troisi.

He also published many Young Adults novels, such as YA -La battaglia di Campocarne, YAL'Ammazzadraghi, with Mondadori, and Ringo: chiamata alle armi for Multyplayer Edizioni.

He writes a column about movie critic and analysis on Best Movie.

His main passions are video games, hard rock, and riding motorbikes.


Often, today, telling means creating complex fictional universe, extremely articulated in breadth and depth, wich cross and poulate different media. In this context, the role and perspective creative and audience change: both must take action to pursue a narrative that is raised, potentially endless, from one medium to another.

Each media involved often gives its specific and distinct contribution to the development of the story. Plot and characters become alive in different narrative ways to create a unique, modular, integrated, and captivating entertainment experience.

This panel will be the opportunity to reflect on the writing of those who tell stories, that invisible writing that is transformed in another form: in a film, in a video game, in a comic.

Writing as an architecture of the world.

During the panel, the public will discover secrets, anecdotes, and background of the work that writers do when they tell new stories with old characters, also starting from famous creations (such as those by Disney, Lupo Alberto, and many more), based on the public change.

The panel is addressed to those interested in writing professionally, but also to those passionate about storytelling and to readers who want to know the less known aspects of this work.


Luca Raffelli, Journalist, essayist and screeptwriter, expert in comics and animation - La Repubblica

Speakers (in alphabetical orders)

Francesco Artibani, Screenwriter for Comics and Animation

Roberto Recchioni, Novelist, Screenwriter, Cartoonist, Illustrator

Mauro Uzzeo, Screenwriter and director for Comics, Movie and Tv Films


11/05/2019 from 14:30 to 15:30
Sala Fellini

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