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Speakers - 2019

Nicola Sirago

2D Technical Artist @ Social Point - Take-Two Interactive

Nicola is a passionate designer and self-taught developer with a university background in arts, with both creative and analytical skills.


Illustrator and 2D animator, he has a good mastery of many programming languages. He has led a 15 years long experience in the domain of digital-entertainment, working in the service of major international brands.

Nicola currently lives in Barcelona, working as Technical Artist for Social Point, a 350 employee mobile game company, part of the Take-Two family. Previously he worked ten years for Disney Interactive Italy designing and developing web activities such as web/mobile games for the Italian local markets (Topolino magazines and local DC shows such as Alex & Co, Violetta…). He is full stack, he may design activity from scratch, starting from a marketing request, ending with a solid working project.

Nicola is also an enthusiastic independent developer. He joins all game jams he can find, sometimes with excellent results.

How to become a unicorn in the mobile game industry

Bigger mobile studios demand highly qualified resources, and Tech Artist is in the top five of the most wanted. This session highlights the path that an aspiring game developer with both technical and artistic skills should take in order to be successful, and why Italy can be the cultural Mecca of cross-disciplinary job profiles for international mobile companies.


12/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
Track 3 

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