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Speakers - 2019

Michele Caini

Freelance Senior Software Engineer

Graduated cum laude in Computer Engineering at Univesrità degli Studi di Firenze, Michele Caini is a Freelance Senior Software Engineer.


He worked as C++ Consultant for Geek Labs Inc, where he wrote and revised test for C++ programmers, and then he worked as Technology Consultant for NIO, on the development on EnTT Framework.

In 2018, Michele was among the speakers at Italian C++ Day.

As a freelancer, he developed the app Face Smash.

The C++ of EnTT

EnTT is a library known mainly for its innovative ECS model that allows for several access patterns, from perfect SoA to fully random. However, EnTT is also primarily a framework written in modern C++ and an excellent example for those who want to explore the language.

What are the skills required to develop such a tool? What are the techniques used in it?

The talk will describe with examples some of the C++ idioms used in EnTT and will provide you with enough details to spot many others within the codebase of the library. If you know a bit about C++17, you are keen on template programming and terms like type erasure or SFINAE don't scare you, this is the talk for you.


11/05/2019 from 10:30 to 11:30
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