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Speakers - 2019

Maria Rita Mancaniello

Professor of Psychopedagogy and Pedagogy for Teenagers @ the University of Florence

Maria Rita Mancaniello, Professor of Psychopedagogy and Pedagogy for Teenagers at the University of Florence and Program Coordinator of UNESCO "Human Development and Peace Culture" Transdisciplinary Chair


The role of Video Games in the growth age: lights and shadows of technology clarity in childhood and adolescence

New technologies, especially in Video Games, have been always had and will have for a very long time a huge impact on modern society, thanks to their continuous innovation, multimedia and multidisciplinary nature, that allow the interaction with many fields, also at educational and learning levels, leading to good results.

The relationship between Video Games and the growth process in early childhood and adolescence, like every learning process during growth age, shows difficulty factors due to a series of attention required when using a technological game, and to stereotypes and prejudices about Video Games, commonly linked to violence, addiction, and the lack of an educational value, but there are also positive effects to be considered, such as the incentive to growing at a cognitive, social, and educational level and in terms of learning, in particular when we think of certain games that - if used wisely - can contribute to very good results at an emotional level. There are many studies about Video Games with educational purposes, also known as Video Game Education or Media Education, and more precisely as Serious Games, that offer great opportunities in terms of learning and incentive to the school environment and their utilization at school.

During this lecture, we will reflect on how today Video Games are a reality that has a great value for the growth of a person, and on what models can and should be used at an educational level, in order to give real value to the technological game practice as a mean to develop a well-balanced personality, hopefully projected to the future.

Lectio Magistralis (Free entrance)

10/05/2019 from 14:30 to 15:30
Sala Fellini

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