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Mila Irek is among the most respected exponents of the new generation of lead quest designers for video games.


Born in Poland but currently based in Oxford, she was an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, where she conducted research on diversity in literature and contemporary fantasy genre. Since 2014 he has been active in MuHa Games, an indie game studio born of former CD Projekt Red developers. She quickly became the writer and lead quest designer.
Mila has established herself internationally as a member of the small team (four game designers and a programmer) who created Thea: The Awakening, a combination of fantasy, strategy and survival game.
To be able to develop the project, the team had to face physical and financial limitations, but all efforts were rewarded by the success of the game, launched in November 2015.
After the successful launch of Thea: The Awakening, Mila is now continuing work with MuHa on the sequel, Thea 2: The Shattering, whose Kickstarter campaign reached in just over a month 129% of the budget required for the project.
In her spare time, Mila is working on her first novel and helping out as part of the Monte Cook Games editorial board.
She  is often invited as a speaker at game related conferences such as Devcom 2017.

Story vs Game. Narrative techniques and writers tips on how to manage storytelling in video games

The talk will focus on the process of game writing and narrative design with a particular example of my work on the creation of Thea 2: The Shattering.  

The first part will introduce some of the challenges of approaching writing and building a story world in video games, especially when working on a sequel. Topics like re-using material while avoiding repetition and still keeping the right tone, or incorporating technical/design changes and the impact of player feedback and input and how all of it should influence your writing and story design will be raised.

The second part will focus more closely on narrative design techniques, our event editor and how we use it to create branching narratives that can cater for large, replayable game worlds. I will demonstrate examples of the quest design we used for our games, to show how we have attempted to build a story world filled with narrative rich, but replayable events.

The presentation is aimed at those interested in game writing and/or narrative design.

Main topics: Game writing, Narrative design, Branching narratives, Narrative tools

Takeaways: Use of narrative design tools, tips for quest design, advice on game writing.  


11/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
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