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Speakers - 2019

Kim Aava

Lead 3D Artist @ DICE

Lead 3D Artist, specialist in environment and asset creation.


Kim started her journey as a student of game design before pursuing the 3D art discipline. Kim has since graduating with a bachelor's degree and an additional diploma from a vocational education, been part of the industry since 2014.

Before leaving her home country of Sweden to work at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam on the highly regarded title Horizon: Zero Dawn, she helped out with The Solus Project, a game developed by Teotl Studios, funded by the Unreal Engine guru Hourences. Eventually moving back to Stockholm she joined the VR studio Fast Travel Games which is founded industry leading veterans from both DICE and Rovio. After successfully releasing the VR title Apex Construct, she transitioned into working as a Lead 3D Artist for The EA studio DICE who are responsible for the highly acclaimed Battlefield series.

In her free time Kim avidly streams her creative process on Twitch on a regular basis as well as holds guest lectures and workshops at various educational institutions and events.

Realism vs Stylized

Realism vs Stylized is a deep-dive analysis of two prominent expressions in art styles often seen in games. The talk will be covering things from how different art styles are expressed and may be exaggerated in games, to the technical and artistic differences when working with varying levels of realism and stylization. The talk is open for everyone, but it will dive into technical details regarding 3D asset creation.

TALK (3d art)

11/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
Track 2

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