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Speakers - 2019

Jon Kimmich

CEO @ Software Illuminati LLC

Jon has been an investor, consultant and advisor to startups, accelerators and governmental organizations as well as established developers in the mobile and game sectors.


Jon Kimmich started his 22 year career in the digital entertainment industry as Product Planner for Microsoft Games Studios during pivotal parts of the Xbox conception and launch. Jon was instrumental in the acquisition of many well franchises for MGS including company acquisitions such as Bungie Studios, FASA Interactive, and Digital Anvil, and hit game acquisitions including Dungeon Siege by Gas Powered Games, Rise of Nations from Big Huge Games, and MechAssault by Day 1 Studios as well as many internally developed games such as Crimson Skies, MechWarrior 4, Brute Force and Halo.

In June 2004 he left Microsoft to become Producer and Director of Business Development for Day 1 Studios (sold in 2012 to wargaming.net).

Since 2009, is Principal of Software Illuminati Consulting, during his career he has led or participated in the purchase or sale of over half a dozen companies, with an aggregate transaction value > $125m.

He is also editor of the acclaimed book “The Crowdfunding Bible”.


Funding is always a hot topic of discussion in our industry. When and where to look for it? How can you get it? Investors are not always open to investment in games, so what options do you have? During this session, our seasoned industry panel will explore all avenues from crowd funding to friends and family to funds and even governmental matching. Learn the opportunities and pitfalls about financing your projects.


Jon Kimmich, CEO of Software Illuminati LLC

Speakers: (in alphabetical order)

Christian Fonnesbech, Consulting Executive @ DDM and Head of IP Development at Nordisk Film Games

Kamil Klinowski, Early investor @ 11Bit_studios @ Starward_Industries. PhD candidate at Polish Academy of Sciences

LK Shelley, Managing Partner @ Affiniti Ventures | AV(M)

Tobias Sjogren, Experienced games executive, in industry since 1996. Currently CEO @ Video Games Consulting

Tony Zander VP, Product & Development @ Vectr


10/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
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