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Speakers - 2019

Giuseppe Spezzano

Agile Coach @ Tiny Bull Studio

Giuseppe is Agile coach passionate about video games.


He helped many studios in the production of software and with work management in order to achieve good results in terms of time and costs.

Before starting his career in work management and optimization, Giuseppe founded Bookolico, a start-up, which he has led for five years.

He started his career as a consultant for Banca Sella and Patamu. Then, he moved to Australia, where he worked as Mentor at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Giuseppe worked on the development of video games such as Blind (a VR game on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam), Omen Exitio (Book Game) for Tiny Bull Studios.

When he is not working on the development of video games, Giuseppe loves traveling, playing and talking about tech.

Agile for Video Game Development

When there is a team with more than 7 people, communication between members become difficult, management is fundamental and difficulties increase, reducing the possibility of doing a good job, especially if the team has new members.

In a similar situation, applying the Agile methodology is essential for the development and the growth of the team and for the optimization of work management in a company that has independent projects and often offers consulting services and softwares to other companies that want to invest in video games, just for the survival of the team.

When a team work on a commission, or on an independent project, development time optimization, together with the compliance with the specifications and internal communication are fundamental, but often underestimated by young game developers, causing misunderstanding, a delay in the release of the game, extra costs and team fatigue.

In this talk, the interesting success story of Tiny Bull Studio will be showed, and also how Agile methodologies can be applied to game development, with a detailed analysis of how mistakes and wrong investments can make a huge difference for the success or the failure of a company.

TALK (production & management)

11/05/2019 from 14:00 to 15:00
Track 3

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