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Speakers - 2019

Giuseppe Mancini

Game Designer

Giuseppe Mancini, Game Designer


Graduated in Literature and Philosophy at La Sapienza University of Rome, “almost graduated” in Antropology at University of Perugia, Giuseppe got a diploma in Filmmaking at Scuole Civiche of Cinema in Milan and studied Programming at AIV. Giuseppe is co-founder and Lead Game designer at Yonder, an indie game studio based in Rome. In 2015 Yonder released their first game on Steam, “Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind” and in 2018 they released “Circle of Sumo” for Nintendo Switch. Giuseppe is currently working on “Hell is Others”, in collaboration with Belka, and on “All in The All”.

Multiplayer: designing the Other

In multiplayer video games, the rules set for the game environment strongly influence and sometimes even define our relationship with the others.

Every design choice should be based on the kind of interaction we would like to offer players. On the other hand, it should not frustrate the initiative and freedom of the player who is playing a role in the game.

The talk is aimed at studying and problematizing design choices and highlighting linguistic solutions that suggest (without dictating) behaviors.

The talk is addressed to those interested in the linguistic issues that are submitted to a game environment, such as game designers, journalists, promoters of video games culture, and also those who would like to study what is behind a design choice and how it is shaped in order to have a relevant and pleasing way of “experiencing the game”.


12/05/2019 from 17:00 to 18:00
Track 2 

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