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Speakers - 2019

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi

Co-founder and Lead Game Designer @ 34BigThings

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi is co-founder and Lead Game Designer at 34BigThings.


MSc in Game Design at the IT University of Copenhagen, 2012, he was IGF Finalist with his student game Blackwell's Asylum. He co-founded 2 game studios: Lohika ApS and 34BigThings srl. He worked on 10+ commercial games for all platforms, from mobile to consoles, the most prominent success being the hyper-fast futuristic racer Redout. He is currently working on the space shooter spinoff Redout: Space Assault, and two unannounced titles.

Designing for excitement, and the impostor syndrome

For someone that grew up in front of arcade cabinets, videogames were mostly about reflexes, automations, mastering patterns and ultimately go through challenges designed to leave you wanting more, like an adrenaline junkie that kept dropping coins. The designer has to elicit an emotional response in the players: here we will explore how we integrated some of those hooks into our design to evoke fast-paced excitement, some good and bad practices, and the curious phenomena for which, in the end, you might feel like you've actually designed nothing at all.


11/05/2019 from 15:30 to 16:30
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