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Speakers - 2019

Giorgio Pomettini

Game Programmer and Teacher @ AIV

Teacher in programming and history of videogames at AIV.


Born in 1992. Made his first Flash game at elementary school, worked as a front-end developer while in high school, and now is currently teaching programming and history of videogames at AIV.

He has been working for 4 years as a Unity Developer for RedBit Games and 101% with clients such as Poste Italiane, Enel, Eni, and Philip Morris Italy. His apps and games have been downloaded more than 8 million times on iOS and Android.

He is often confused with Hugo Reyes from Lost.

Quick prototypying with Unity using ScriptableObjects

In this talk participants will examine what scriptable objects in Unity are and how to use them to prototype games and interactive interactions in a short period of time by creating set of components easily reusable and testable that can be used by game designers.

It will be showed the case of a library to create video games in full motion video, entirely created using ScriptableObjects.

This talk is addressed to intermediate users of Unity.


12/05/2019 from 17:00 to 18:00
Track 1

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