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Speakers - 2019

Francesco Artibani

Comic writer and screenwriter @ Disney Italia

Comic book writer since 1992, screenwriter for Disney Italia of Topolino, PKNA , MMMM, and W.I.T.C.H., and co-creator of Monster Allergy and Kylion.


Considered one of the most versatile Italian screenwriters for Disney, Francesco Artibani is among the most determined innovators of the second to last generation at Disney.

After starting in animation, he worked on Lupo Alberto, Cattivik and other strips, bringing his experience and creating stories with strong visual and dynamic gags.

Francesco graduated in 1987 as a technician for animated movies at Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia e la Televisione. He has worked on over 400 productions for Walt Disney Italia.

For Marvel Italia, a property of Panini Comics, he worked on two mini-series about X-Men and Doctor Strange. In France, he created two series for Les Humanoides Associès: Il boia rosso, illustrated by Ivo Milazzo and Jimmy Jones by Alessio Coppola.


Often, today, telling means creating complex fictional universe, extremely articulated in breadth and depth, wich cross and poulate different media. In this context, the role and perspective creative and audience change: both must take action to pursue a narrative that is raised, potentially endless, from one medium to another.

Each media involved often gives its specific and distinct contribution to the development of the story. Plot and characters become alive in different narrative ways to create a unique, modular, integrated, and captivating entertainment experience.

This panel will be the opportunity to reflect on the writing of those who tell stories, that invisible writing that is transformed in another form: in a film, in a video game, in a comic.

Writing as an architecture of the world.

During the panel, the public will discover secrets, anecdotes, and background of the work that writers do when they tell new stories with old characters, also starting from famous creations (such as those by Disney, Lupo Alberto, and many more), based on the public change.

The panel is addressed to those interested in writing professionally, but also to those passionate about storytelling and to readers who want to know the less known aspects of this work.


Luca Raffelli, Journalist, essayist and screeptwriter, expert in comics and animation - La Repubblica

Speakers: (in alphabetical orders)

Francesco Artibani, Screenwriter for Comics and Animation

Roberto Recchioni, Novelist, Screenwriter, Cartoonist, Illustrator

Mauro Uzzeo, Screenwriter and director for Comics, Movie and Tv Films


11/05/2019 from 14:30 to 15:30
Sala Fellini

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