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Speakers - 2019

Federico Righi

FX TD con HOUDINI, MPC - Moving Picture Company

Graduated in Computer Generated Animation at IED in Milan.


After getting a certificate in Houdini, Advanced Compositing at Gnomon School in Los Angeles, Federico Righi started his career as TD Generalist for advertising, working for many clients, such as Ferrari.

He then worked as a freelancer and as FX TD and LD FX for Effetti Digitali Italiani for advertising and VR.

After working as Houdini FX TD both as companies and as a freelancer, in January 2019 he joined MPC - Moving Picture Company, where he worked on the upcoming The Lion King.


Into procedural rocks for beginners

A workshop to learn how to use procedural noise to create a rock, also with texturing and baking.

Participants will learn to control and exploit the power of Houdini's procedural noises to create an asset like a rock (in this specific case, mountain), how to use these noises also for the texturing part, to create different detail layers and finally how to optimize the gaming model.


10/05/2019 from 11:30 to 13:30

Required tools: (if possible) laptop, Houdini installed 

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Art directable highfields

A workshop to learn how to create an environment, with the texturing part and a hint of scattering.

Participants will learn to control and harness the power of Houdini's heigthfields to create a procedural environment through techniques that will allow them to choose where to have mountains, plains or rivers. Also some techniques for object scattering (in this case trees).


11/05/2019 from 16:30 to 18:30

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