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Speakers - 2019

Emanuele Sciarretta

Lawyer, specialised in copyright protection, Legal @ Ignition Publishing

Emanuele Sciarretta is a lawyer, specialised in contracts, company law and copyright protection, with an eye on its evolution and new technologies update.


Emanuele, in partnership with Red Whale Studio, looks after the transmedia development of Intellectual Properties in video games, including the protection of the Original Work, the application of legal terms related to it in all its variations through different media.

The legal protection of video games in a transmedia development perspective


The talk is addressed to those who work in the gaming industry, including developers and producers, and will explore video games from a transmedia point of view.

Starting from the definition of this philosophy and from the legal framework of video games as IP, with similarities and apparent differencies, the speakers will show steps and solutions to protect a video game and strengthen its contractual chain of rights, exploring legal tools fitting for the development of a product and its rights in the most effective way.

The lawyer Emanuele Sciarretta will give a more technical and legal speech, and Katja Centomo will give operative insights.

TALK (licensing & law)

11/05/2019 from 15:30 to 16:30
Track 3

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