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Speakers - 2019

Andreas Firnigl

Coffee boy, cleaner and CEO @ Nosebleed Interactive

Andreas started his 17-year game industry career as a tester on driving games, with his first commercial credit on Big Mutha Truckers for Gamecube.


From that point, he could only move up in the world of game development and he soon found himself leading design teams on multiple Sony franchises such as the Buzz Jr games and PlayStation Move launch title The Shoot.

In 2012, seeing a re-emergence of independent development, and the barriers to entry for indies on console coming down he decided to go it alone and set up Nosebleed Interactive, who's first game The Hungry Horde was published by Sony, and whose award-winning second game Vostok Inc. has become somewhat of a cult hit across all platforms. He still considers himself a designer at heart and is most happy with his head in an editor program, but these days has to do a bit of everything.

How to survive your first 7 years as indie studio

Andreas will give a frank look at his studio's history, the mistakes he's made on the way, the highs and lows and what it means to set up and run a small studio. Hopefully with some wisdom of how he’s managed to get to where he is now, thrown in. The talk will cover everything from pitching and funding to team and management. He may even talk about a bit of game design.


12/05/2019 from 15:30 to 16:30
Track 3 

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