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Level Up includes a series of unmissable masterclass with some of the best game developers from all the globe, coming to Rome to share real life experiences, know how and best practices in a unique networking event.


On Friday May 4th, Maurizio Gabrieli, Teaching Director of I Level Master in Music for Video games at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome, will talk about procedural music and algorithms and how they can lead innovation in music composition. Gabrieli is an innovator himself as he is the first promoter of the Master, whose final exam consists in creating a short composition played live by a real international orchestra.


On May 5th, there will be the Italian star: Andrea Pessino.

Andrea is born in Italy but moved to California, where he found Ready At Dawn, author of “The Order: 1886”, internationally renowned for its wonderful graphics. Andrea will do an overview of the history of games and its development in the last 30 years.


On May 6th there will be a veteran of game development, Craig Morrison from Blizzard, who will do a presentation about the importance of team building and teamwork in order to make great games. A source of inspiration and motivation for all who are passionate about games. Morrison worked on big titles like World of Warcraft and Age of Conan and currently teaches game design at the University of California. He also founded a learning platform focused on game design.


The 4 masterclasses represent the highest cultural moments during the event, considering the outstanding speakers and the topics treated.