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Rome, the capital of video games

Video games are an expression of art that requires talent and high level competencies as well as a huge amount of time and a dose of passion in order to create quality products with almost the same level as movies.

Level Up programme includes talks by experts and top professionals from game development, workshops and masterclass, that will take place in two big areas in Cinecittà Studios - Sala Fellini and Teatro T10.


12 speakers for 12 talks about game art, game design, animation, programming, production and development, distribution, outsourcing, machine learning and multi-threading strategies.


Arno Schmitz (Guerrilla Games), Tom Isaksen (Ubisoft), Camilla Avellar (Supercell), Adrian Baluta (Ubisoft), Patrick Munnik (Guerrilla Games) and Réka (Sugi) Sugar (Electronic Arts) are among the guests speakers who will alternate on stage for the talks.


Each speaker has an outstanding cultural baggage enriched by years of experience in software houses and big companies. The common factor is represented by their total commitment to their work, that in some cases lead them to reach top careers or even found their own software house and to develop AAA titles sold and played all around the world.


The programme schedule has been thought and planned in order to allow participants and attendants to follow the talks without any risk of topic overlapping.