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Third and last day of Level Up...

Third and last day of Level Up started in Sala Fellini with an extraordinary masterclass by Craig Morrison (Blizzard), who talked about the importance of the team and of a well planned work to get successful results like the ones of World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Anarchy Online.

Craig spent the entire Sunday afternoon reviewing students’portfolios, a common and pleasant situation for him, who is a game design teacher at the University of California.

In the morning, Track 1 and 2 hosted the presentations by Tommaso Bonanni (Caracal Games, AIV), who showed connections between archaeology and level design, Fabio Polimeni (Play2Speak), a former AIV programming student, who now has its own company in Spain, Fabrizio Cilli (Accenture), who talked about Cybersecurity and Sven Mika (Ducandu GMBH), who explained the benefits of Deep Reinforcement-Learning.

Meanwhile, in workshop area Andrea Morini, teaching director of 3D Graphics course at AIV, held a workshop that went sold out.

In the last part of day 3, Yara Khoury (Outpost Games), Tom Isaksen (Ubisoft), Christian Steve Scampini (34BigThings) and Mauro Fanelli (MixedBag) gathered many people with their talks about production, 3D character art and concept art.

The two workshops by Diego Ricchiuti (Affinity Project, AIV) about game design and by Giacomo Caneschi (AIV) about the marvellous worlds created with Substance Designer closed the three-days marathon in Cinecittà Studios.

We would like to thank all the amazing speakers and all the students and people who joined this first edition of Leve Up Rome Developer Conference. These have been three days of connection, sharing, networking, creativity, passion, ideas and hard work.

We are already planning second edition so stay tuned!


See you in 2019!