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After a special day 1, Level Up keeps gathering many visitors...

After a special day 1, Level Up keeps gathering many visitors, thanks to its top professionals speakers from the gaming industry.

Roberto De Ioris (20Tab, AIV) and Réka Sugar (EA) gave a fresh start with their talks about IT and outsourcing. Meanwhile, Daniele Danko Angelozzi held a workshop about digital sculpting, whose huge success led to another workshop session in the late afternoon.

Then Patrick Munnik (Guerrilla Games) and Camilla Avellar (Supercell) showed production steps of “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Hay Day”, literally hypnotizing the public.

After lunch break, Arno Schmitz (Guerrilla Games) fascinated 3d graphics students with the secrets behind “Horizon Zero Dawn” characters while Adrian Baluta talked about the principles of animation applied to video games.

In workshop area, Valerio Di Donato (34BigThings) explained the benefits of agile methodologies for the optimization of a production pipeline.

In Sala Fellini Andrea Pessino (Ready At Dawn) recalled the last 30 years of video games history in a passionate and thrilling masterclass.

Three talks about production by Jarek Kholar (Bohemia Interactive), environment art by Ayi Sanchez (MachineGames) and level design by Federico Spada (Milestone) ended the day 2.

In the afternoon, students had the chance to receive feedback and comments by the speakers during portfolio review sessions, which have been very useful and important for the career path they chose to take. For speakers, this has been an occasion to share directly their knowledge and experiences with future developers.

In the evening, all speakers took part to the speakers’ dinner in the beautiful location of Palazzo Cavallerini near Largo Argentina, in a very central area of Rome, that was a further and glamourous occasion for networking.