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Procedural music, driving simulators and gamification: there could not be a better way to start Level Up...

Procedural music, driving simulators and gamification: there could not be a better way to start Level Up Rome Developer Conference with three special guest speakers: Maurizio Gabrieli (Conservatory of Santa Cecilia), Marco Massarutto (Kunos Simulazioni) and Francesco Lutrario (GamificationLab Sapienza).

Many AAA titles and not only showed the emotional impact of music on video game players, whose user experience is of a huge importance for the success of a game.

Let’s think about the soundtracks of The Legend of Zelda, The Last Guardian, God of War, Metroid, Persona - just to mention a few ones - played live by real orchestras in auditorium and theaters.

The happy marriage of music and video games brought to life the I Level Master in Music Composition for Video Games at Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, thanks also to the partnership with AIV-Italian Video games Academy.

Professor Maurizio Gabrieli shared his experience and skills in music composition with the audience, carrying by hand the participants in Sala Fellini in a journey starting from algorithmic composition (that comes from programming languages) to contemporary music.

Then Marco Massarutto warmed up his big audience in Track 1 with his talk about driving simulators. Marco is Production Manager and co-founder of Kunos Simulazioni, that developed “Assetto Corsa”.

Published in 2014, “Assetto Corsa” is still the first driving simulator game played, with an average of 4000 online users (check AutoMoto.it)

Marco described in detail all production steps of the title, from day 1 to its publication, showing a great passion that developers have for their work.

Francesco Lutrario, managing director, teacher and member of Scientific Committee of GamificationLab at Università La Sapienza di Roma, ended in style Level Up day 1.

“The aim of gamification - as stated in GamificationLab Manifesto - is to add to a non game context an element of active and emotional participation similar to that one naturally generated by a game”.

In his talk “Gamification for Business”, Lutrario showed games and gameplay to define clearly what gamification is, using practical examples that can be applied to company organization and process governance. He also introduced “GamificationLab Magazine”, a new online magazine entirely dedicated to gamification.