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Workshops section will give participants and attendants a great opportunity to learn and listen to some of the top professionals in 3D Art, Programming, Game Design, Production and Development fields.


Level Up is aimed at covering the whole process of game development, from character creation to very detailed and high quality environment, to gameplay production, UI and AI.


Among professionals already confirmed we have Daniele Danko Angelozzi, 3D artist, ZBrush Evangelist and the first person in Italy who got certified by Pixologic as ZBrush Instructor, who will teach the marvellous secrets of ZBrush.

Valerio Di Donato, CEO at 34BigThings, an Italian software house based in Turin that developed Redout, winner of the Italian Videogames Award in 2017, will talk about pipeline optimization.


From AIV - Italian Video games Academy, Giacomo Caneschi, CGI teacher, will let attendants explore Substance Designer for create astonishing textures. Andrea Morini, 3D Graphics teacher at AIV, will talk about MASH, a procedural tool for motion graphic in Maya.


For game design, Diego Ricchiuti, digital innovator and creative director at Affinity Project, a small indie company based in Milan that released “Don-Ay”, the first donation game ever in Italy, will talk about dos and donts of a game designer.


Level Up is the best place to learn and acquire new skills, enhance and develop competencies and do professional networking.